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7 Marketing Trends to Help Navigate 2023

December 12, 2022

7 Marketing Trends to Help Navigate 2023

Huge social and economic shifts in the last couple of years have impacted what consumers expect from businesses, how they prefer to shop, and where they encounter advertising. Advances in technology also affect how we communicate with others and experience online content. That means the most successful businesses must adapt and evolve to keep up with changing customer and market demands. We’ll dive into some of the biggest marketing trends predicted to dominate 2023 to help you and your business thrive in the new year.

1.  The Rise of AI

Artificial intelligence is changing the marketing landscape and influencing everything from how businesses and customers communicate to how companies create online content. That makes AI marketing essential for all businesses through 2023. It’s especially useful for companies looking to save time and slim down their budgets. You can use AI in a number of ways to better serve your customers and get insights into what they want.

2.  Advanced Analytics

AI uses algorithms to collect data that can help form a more effective marketing strategy. Predictive analytics combine data from consumer engagements, new business leads, and other metrics like clicks, views, purchases, and responses to email marketing. These analytics will help you determine which marketing is or isn’t working for your business.

Think you'll need help sorting through all of your data and understanding what it means? The GYDE Community is full of professionals who can make sense of your data and turn it into a marketing strategy that produces results.

3.  Natural Language Processing

Consumers use digital personal assistants like Siri and Alexa more than ever before to search online for products and services. This means that your website needs to be optimized for voice and image searches. The right website optimization will drive new organic search traffic to your website and help you save on paid advertising.

4.  Changes in Social Media and The Creator Economy

Brand awareness is key on social media. TikTok has emerged as an up-and-coming social platform where companies can reach almost two billion monthly active users with advertisements. The platform makes it easier for businesses to target specific audiences with simple business marketing tools.

Influencer marketing and the creator economy has made a huge impact on where and how consumers interact with brands. Many people turn to social platforms like YouTube and TikTok to see what industry experts and content creators have to say before making a purchase. Having strategic partnerships with influential creators could help your business compete with larger brands and greatly increase your brand awareness.

Consider forming relationships with important online voices within your industry to stay competitive in 2023. Take time to research how other companies use new platforms like TikTok to expand their reach and attract customers. The creator economy is only expected to grow over the next year, so factoring it into your digital marketing strategy is a great way to drive success in 2023.

5.  Shopping in the Metaverse

Are you ready to meet your customers in the metaverse? The amount of time people spend online has been trending upward for years, but the pandemic caused consumers to reach for their devices even more.

A study from 2020 that looked at a group of 10,000 people from five different countries found that the daily average time spent online has risen from around three hours per person to almost seven hours.      

People around the world are increasingly using the metaverse to meet, socialize, learn, play games, and shop. Brands are experimenting with creating virtual pop-up shops and unique shopping experiences to engage with consumers in this new digital landscape. Major clothing retailers are launching virtual stores in the metaverse where people can try on clothes using their online avatars. Advertisers are also discovering new ways to reach consumers by placing ads in video games and across the emerging online world.

Your business model and the types of products and services you provide will have a huge impact on how you use the metaverse to reach shoppers, whether it’s to advertise or to sell. If you already use e-commerce, you’re on the right path to meeting customers in this evolving online space.

6.  Green Messaging

The state of the planet is top of mind for many consumers, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. Unprecedented changes in the climate and weather patterns are reshaping the way many people think about the companies and brands they buy from. Consumers expect brands to have a moral compass and are more attracted to companies actively seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact.

As you build your brand strategy for 2023, be mindful of your business’s carbon footprint. Pay attention to how you can adopt more sustainable practices. If you choose to include green messaging in your marketing strategy, make sure to talk about the actual steps your business is taking to become more eco-friendly. Consumers are turned off by “greenwashing”, which is the practice of messaging to consumers about sustainability and eco-friendly policies in a misleading or insincere way.

7.  Video Content will Continue to Dominate Across Social Media

No matter the platform, video ads perform better in paid campaigns across social media. The way consumers can interact with content is changing, and this is causing changes in consumer preferences and behaviors. Social platforms are now optimized for video content and smart devices enable people to quickly engage with content without investing much time or energy.

Consumers stream more video content than ever. People use platforms like YouTube and Twitch to learn how to fix their cars, watch reviews for local businesses, and even to figure out which TV show they should start next. It can be argued that this shift in the way people seek and digest information has affected how they prefer receiving advertisements.  For instance, videos require less effort to consume and can grab the attention of a potential customer faster.

How will you tackle the year ahead and create new opportunities for yourself and/or your business?  Whether you need help updating your website, resume, or just expanding the reach of your brand, GYDE is here to help you meet your goals in 2023.

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