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How to Hire a Web Designer

August 15, 2022

How to Hire a Web Designer

Looking to overhaul your website? Here are 4 tips to help you choose your web design agency and 5 questions to ask when interviewing your prospects.

If you're in the market for a new website, or you're looking to redesign your current site, you're probably wondering how to choose your web design agency. After all, the company you choose will be responsible for designing and developing your site, which gives the first impression a customer will have about your brand and business. It's a big decision! Luckily GYDE has you covered!

Determine What Type Of Website You Need

For many small businesses offering professional services, the main objectives of a website are to build trust, educate, inform, and convert visitors into leads. There are several variables to consider like the type of content management system and where the site will be hosted. These factors can have a significant impact on the website's everyday management and down the road when, not if, the site is redesigned. 


Discuss Project Timeline

Each company has its own web design process that works best for them. Be sure that they walk you through their process so you know what to expect when to expect, and what will be expected of you as the client. To help keep the project on schedule, provide photos and content for the website upfront if at all possible. Often, the biggest delay on website projects is waiting for a client to handle their content. If you're not going to be able to get the content handled promptly, consider hiring a copywriter to help move things along. 


Set Concrete, Achievable Deadlines With Criteria 

Last, after you've gone through all of the previous steps, you need to set concrete, achievable criteria with deadlines. This kind of scheduling and outlining gives you a way to track the progress of your web design pro. As a rule of thumb, you'll be more successful when you're more specific about what you want to achieve. Setting general goals gives your Pro more wiggle room, which gives them the opportunity to miss the mark.

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