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Andreas Fanelli

Paid Growth Expert for Startups
Pearl River, New York


Skip generic agencies

You want a unique cutting edge solution for scaling using digital advertising.

Hone in on your offering’s highest revenue potential. Don't waste time with inefficient setups and cookie-cutter strategies.

Here’s how I do it

- Tirelessly research and develop new “big swings”
- Find your optimal account performance in weeks not months
- Get people to say yes through a complete understanding of your target communities that goes far beyond simple pain points
- Build custom analytical tools and processes for your business to see more growth opportunities than you competitors
- Let no opportunity or problem hide from the best analytics in the industry
- Full web technical support for testing web pages, managing tracking code, etc
- Supercharge everything with proprietary tech

All of these pieces are absolutely necessary to be successful in the modern advertising landscape

My solution is built for early stage companies who don’t have marketing leadership, but want to waste budget on a full marketing team to launch.

I keep it lean, agile, and focus on big impact. Sound strategies that will last years not months. Form a direct relationship with your market instead of relying on advertising gimmicks to drive performance.

See my portfolio to learn more about the work I do.

💯 Why work with me? 💯

🥇 Top Rated+ Freelancer - I deliver results
⭐ 8+ years of experience as a freelance consultant
💼 I’ve taken companies from 0 to $1M+ of revenue in their first year
🤝 Have worked at or with growing companies for over a decade
📊 Clear reporting and communication. You’ll always know where we are at and what needs to get done.

Serious Inquiries only. If you do not have a job or project in mind please come to me when you do.
Available for long-term contracts & short-term (consultations, audits, strategies).


Services Offered
Competitive Analysis
Conversion Rate Optimization
Google Ads & Analytics
Keyword Research
Landing Page Copy
Landing Page Creation & Design
Lead Generation
Media Buying
Media Planning
Paid Media Audit & Strategy
Paid Social Media
Platform Experience
Facebook Ads
Facebook Business Manager
Facebook Media Buying
Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search
Google Shopping Ads
Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads