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Brandy Emesal

Brand Developer & Marketing Strategist w/ B2B SaaS & Executive Experience
Hotchkiss, Colorado


Senior Director Marketing with 15 Years of Experience

Brandy Emesal, known as Be, brings more than a decade of expertise in marketing strategy, content management, project oversight, and business leadership. Be's diverse background includes roles in journalism, marketing and sales, content management, and six years of service as a public affairs sergeant in the US Army National Guard. Her experience spans industries, from B2B SaaS to market research, TV series to dating apps, contributing to her well-rounded skill set.

With data-driven methodologies and a foundation in news-editorial journalism, Be combines analytical rigor with a knack for crafting high-impact narratives to deliver meaningful business results. She brings more than a decade of experience managing in-house teams and external agencies, search and social advertising, rebrands, web optimizations, content strategy and production, and email marketing.

She’s built or rebuilt 16 brands, including everything from consumer packaged goods and Scrum certifications to OrgChart software and ancient alien streaming services.

As a marketing executive at OrgChart, Be led the development of a forward-thinking marketing strategy to drive ARR growth of 20% YoY.

At Scrum Alliance, Be played a pivotal role in addressing member retention during the pandemic. She started as a content marketer but quickly transitioned to lead product and UX strategy and projects alongside org-wide content marketing operations. Her achievements include increasing member retention by 16% YoY and transforming the member onboarding experience.

During her tenure at Gaia, Be achieved an 80% increase in conversions through creative strategy, project management, testing, and copywriting in paid media, email marketing, and organic social. She also excelled in optimizing email and paid-social campaigns, leading to over 60% increased conversions for two consecutive years.

*Disclaimer: Be lives in Hotchkiss, Colorado and has a strong preference for working remotely but is willing to travel in the first year of integrating with a new business. Many businesses find results in working with Be on a contract basis to start, then developing the appropriate role within the company together. Be prides herself on implementing systems and processes that generally allow her clients and employers to leverage lower-cost talent, delivering strategies, content and project management systems, and editorial and brand style guides that ensure consistent results for years.

Summary of Experience:

  • Most recent role: Senior Director, Marketing (executive reporting to CEO and board of directors, partnering with VP of Sales) at OrgChart, a B2B SaaS for HR professionals
  • 15 years of omnichannel content marketing experience for clients including CBS, Gaia, + agency work.
  • 15 years building, socializing, and managing asset creation and marketing activities in Asana, ClickUp, Trello, and Jira for remote teams.
  • Highly experienced in email strategy, sequencing, segmentation, and copywriting for both B2B and B2C brands (10 years).
  • Expertise in Hubspot, Marketo, MailChimp, and Act-On, including email marketing system integration with Salesforce (10 years).
  • Hubspot inbound certified.
  • Scrum Alliance certified as a product owner, ScrumMaster, and agile leader for teams.
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and Canva for brand development and marketing asset creation.

Hourly Rate: $110
Minimum Base Salary Requirement: $185,000
Remote (Open to one week per month in the office as a hybrid employee)


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Agile Team Leadership
  • Marketing & Product Copywriting
  • SEO Analysis & Optimization
  • Brand & Product Positioning
  • Email Marketing


  • OrgChart
  • Schlesinger Group (Now Sago)
  • Scrum Alliance
  • Gaia
  • MeetMindful
  • Fabriq
  • Parts & People
  • Rooster Magazine
  • OnTopic by Examiner
  • US Army National Guard
  • Yellow Scene Magazine
  • Daily Egyptian


  • Email: Hubspot, ActOn, MailChimp
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Canva
  • Google Suite + Looker Studio
  • Miro, Milanote
  • Trello, Monday, Asana, ClickUp
  • WordPress


Services Offered
Content Creation
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Content Planning & Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimization
Data & Analytics
Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Email Marketing & Campaigns
Email Sequence Planning & Copy
Email Workflow & Automation
Inbound Marketing
Lead Generation
Lifecycle Marketing
Platform Experience
Adobe Creative Suite
Facebook Ads
Facebook Business Manager
Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search
LinkedIn Ads