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Giordan Pogioli

SEO Software Pioneer, PPC Expert & Top Growth Marketing Consultant 🚀
Tampa, Florida


A distinguished marketing industry thought leader & executive whose deep expertise is prominently highlighted in the areas of SEO & paid performance marketing. Graduating with a strong foundation in computer science & graphic design from Purdue University, Giordan epitomizes a perfect blend of technical prowess & creative vision. His entrepreneurial endeavors include being an early founder of Market Brew, an enterprise SaaS marketing analytics & AI search engine startup. This innovative venture not only resulted in patents (valued at $15M+) but also introduced a quantitative SEO approach unparalleled by any other marketing SaaS vendor to this day.

His journey is marked by exceptional achievements, notably driving over $100M+ in incremental revenue for esteemed clients & brands. As a thought leader, his specialization in SEO & Paid Media buying strategy has been instrumental in elevating brand visibility & revenue streams. Giordan has showcased a remarkable ability to drive 500-1000+% increases in clients' quantity of top-ranked keywords in short time-frames leading to significant organic traffic growth, as well as consistently high double to triple-digit growth in client ROAS on the paid side, affirming his mastery of marketing strategy. Moreover, his expertise in crafting expert landing pages & conversion funnels, coupled with customer lifecycle programs, has led to massive uplift in conversions & Lifetime Value (LTV) metrics, illustrating his profound understanding of consumer behavior.

Beyond his technical & strategic aptitude, his passion for education & human psychology have been instrumental in his success as a people manager. His ability to unite diverse talents towards a common goal is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills honed during his tenure as a Team Captain for Purdue & TEAM USA Swimming. An avid athlete, Giordan's achievements extend beyond the marketing arena, earning him a World Championship silver medal, a World University Games record, 3x Purdue University records, multiple NCAA academic & athletic "All-American" honors, as well as being a 2008 Olympic Trials Finalist.

With this truly unique blend of technical expertise, creative vision, leadership acumen, and a competitive spirit, Giordan stands as a beacon of expertise & innovation in the digital marketing realm, and continues to make a lasting impact in both the marketing industry & the broader spectrum of life, leaving an indelible mark on all endeavors he undertakes.

Growth Strategy, SEO, Paid Media, CRO, Analytics, Email, Automation, B2B & B2C Sales


Services Offered
Data & Analytics
Email Marketing & Campaigns
Front-End Design & Development
Lead Generation
Link Building
Media Buying
Media Planning
PPC Advertising
Paid Social Media
Technical SEO
Platform Experience
Adobe Commerce (Magento)
Adobe Creative Suite
Facebook Ads
Google Ads Search
LinkedIn Ads