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Keith Lam

Marketing Maverick for B2B Startups |
Pleasanton, California
Years of Experience:


With over 19 years of global marketing experience, I am a versatile and strategic full-stack marketing executive who loves to build something out of nothing and create order from chaos. I specialize in B2B technology marketing, product marketing, growth marketing, content marketing, and demand gen for AI/ML, Voicetech, CX, Fintech, and SaaS products and services.

As a Principal in marketing at Rebel LLC, I deliver top-tier go-to-market services and personnel resourcing to B2B technology companies. I advise executive teams on all aspects of product-led growth, marketing, sales, and customer success, and provide turnkey operational staff, such as product marketers and sales operations staff, to get new GTM initiatives underway as soon as possible.


Services Offered
Fractional CMO
Paid Social Media
Media Planning
Public Relations
Event Campaigns
Platform Experience
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