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Luke Daugherty

Content Marketer • Copywriter • Service Journalist • Storyteller • Messaging Expert
Missouri USA


I am an expert writer, editor, and producer with over 15 years of experience producing content for publications and businesses. I write/edit articles on topics including personal finance, insurance, green energy, marketing, entrepreneurship, customer experience, and consumer and enterprise technology. Additionally, I write white papers, case studies, ebooks, email campaigns, and landing pages for business clients in retail, marketing, logistics, and enterprise technology.

Through my experience with brand messaging, storytelling, service journalism, and copywriting, I have honed my skills for sifting through the details to pull together a compelling narrative. If you have a message to get out or a story to tell, I can help you craft it — whether as a writer, editor, or content producer/strategist.

Even if I don’t have direct experience in your subject or realm of expertise, I have the inquisitiveness and research skills to learn the ropes quickly. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your content and copywriting needs.

I offer work that falls into four categories:

Content Marketing
I craft or edit compelling, audience-building content for all kinds of businesses. I ideate content, conduct informational and SEO research, interview subject matter experts, and write briefs. When I’m not dispatching this content to other writers and editing it, I write blog posts, articles, case studies, and white papers to help businesses deliver educational content, build brand authority, and grow audience engagement.

I also offer copywriting and editing services to help businesses drive sales directly. I craft email, social copy, digital ads, and landing pages — independently or as a unified campaign. If you need to tell your larger brand story or rework copy across your entire website, I can help you clarify your brand message and convey it in your voice.

Service Journalism
I’m a journalist at heart, with a degree in magazine journalism from one of the nation’s top journalism schools. In particular, I’m passionate about writing articles that inform readers about topics that touch on their everyday lives, from personal finance and green energy to consumer tech and mental wellness. I love to write clear, engaging content that empowers readers to take action — and helps digital publications build readership and engagement. My work (bylined and ghostwritten) has been published in Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, CNET, Harvard Business Review, St. Louis Magazine, St. Louis Business Journal, DollarGeek, and more.

I’ve edited thousands of articles and other copy for publications and business clients, helping bring clarity and breathe life into dull and disorganized writing. If you require a content overhaul or need to produce a high volume of work, I can whip your copy into shape.


Services Offered
Blogs & Articles
Brand Storytelling
Brochures & Flyers
Content Creation
Content Planning & Strategy
Email Sequence Planning & Copy
Keyword Research
Landing Page Copy
Long-form Content Writing
Short-form Content Writing
White Papers
Platform Experience
Adobe Creative Suite