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Competitive Salary

Job Description

We've built something very different at Growth Shop. We launch and scale direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands only ever with the perspective of taking over global markets.

We’re the same team that was behind the meteoric growth of Nectar Sleep, scaling to $500M in 3 years. We have a new heavily funded global portfolio of brands launching that will be bigger and faster.

We have the core team in place for our new portfolio of brands but we’re looking to add a few key world-class players. This role is one of them. We keep our teams extremely senior and lean, we execute extremely quickly, and provide autonomy so people can do their job without being cockblocked by politics. No long meetings, no long approval processes, no egos - just rapid growth.


Our team brings extensive experience in the rapid growth DTC space. Our founder Mark Patchett has driven over $1B in revenue, including scaling Nectar Sleep to be the #1 fastest-growing ecom brand in the USA, Victoria Beckham Beauty to be one of the fastest-growing beauty brands, as well as scaling Trouva from the seed round to be one of the top 5 fastest-growing ecom brands in Europe.

Our Chief Growth Officer, Gavin Conway, founded the internal growth accelerator at Omnicom Media Group [NYSE:OMC] and led performance marketing for AirBnB in Europe, alongside a host of prominent scale-up brands including BlaBlaCar, Zopa, and Nutmeg.

Our Chairman, Craig Schmeizer, founded Nectar Sleep, along with a fintech startup, and credit companies, and brings over 30 years of global growth and capital experience.

The Role:

The Head of SEO role is a critical one. You’ll be responsible for dominating the organic side of the market. You’re the kind of person that self identifies the problems to solve, gets alignment, to then own the solution and integration. You’ll say things like “Leave it with me, I’ve got this”. No micro-managing here.

Beyond just SEO, we need someone with a business head as nothing is off the table here. Whether there are sites that you want to acquire, or snap up 1,000s of dropped domains. Whatever gets us to the destination fastest. As we prefer to keep our internal lean, you’ll bring a creative approach to managing budget allocation with cost/benefit across hiring internally vs scaling with external resources. We need someone that says “I’ve got a guy for that”.

What you’ll be owning:

If you’re reading this, you know what you’re doing. We’ll share the competitor set, the vision, and the timeline of our rapid growth plan, the rest is up to you to make it happen.

Your KPI’s
  1. Dominate the global market
  2. That’s it.

Your experience:
  1. 7-12+ years of experience rapidly scaling brands through organic search
  2. You’ve done this for new brands and younger brands so have built something from nothing (or close to) and have the numbers to back this up
  3. You’ve also managed large scale brands that go head to head with titans in the most competitive markets…and have won
  4. You’re highly self-motivated, operational/process driven
  5. Experience working with international teams
  6. You love to build, lead and mentor
  7. You have experience working to a P&L
  8. The level and approach that you execute with is well ahead of anything educational that’s floating around on LinkedIn or SEO blogs
  9. You take risks and are happy to operate with light shades of grey but never build a castle on sand by going blackhat
  10. You’re confident, and express your opinions, but are completely open-minded and care more about the right outcome vs just pushing your opinion
  11. You get that life shouldn’t be too serious
  12. You can operate with multiple time zones. You’re not a 9-5 type.

The package:
  • Great base salary with skin-in-the-game bonuses as we hit our numbers
  • Self development budget (conferences, training, paid mentor calls - anything that helps you develop in the areas you’re excited about)
  • Remote work with team meetups
  • International team trips
  • All the gear you need
  • 28 days holiday
  • Great health care
  • A sincere care from us to make this the most fulfilling role you’ve ever had
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