Why Join Gyde?

Gyde was created to help talented professionals grow their careers. Throughout our years working with freelance talent, we learned that there wasn't a home for true entrepreneurs to meet and work directly with clients looking for their services.

Every freelance resource today caters primarily to beginners, side hustlers, and quick-gig night owls. Every platform today control the contract and governs every client engagement, which is helpful if you're just getting your freelance career started or exercising a skill on the side.

But where do you go if you're a true freelance professional - an entrepreneur looking to grow their brand and client base? You want to work with your clients directly. You want to be in control of your contracts, and above all, keep 100% of your earnings. You join Gyde.

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Hiring With Gyde

We've heard countless business owners tell us how they've been set back from working with underqualified talent. Unfortunately, when it comes to specialties like marketing, paid media, and web design, most business owners don't recognize when a hired hand isn't delivering the proper results until months after bringing them on.

Business owners who leverage outsourced skillsets already recognize the immense benefits that freelance talent brings to their business, but there's never been a platform to access reliable, tenured, tried and true freelance professionals.

Gyde gives business leaders and entrepreneurs a place to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and leaders in their own craft.