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Ann Marie Almariei

Fractional Marketing Lead
Las Vegas, Nevada
Years of Experience:


Hi, I'm AMA. I'm a Fractional Marketing Lead currently intersecting the best of both web2 and web3.

What's a Fractional Marketing Lead?
  • Being fractional means I am a shared resource across multiple businesses. I act as a CMO/Marketing Director on a retainer or for hire basis. My role for each is customized based on historical marketing journey, current challenges, and business goals. I become a standing member of my client's teams, helping founders find direction, set goals, build teams and execute.

My areas of expertise:
  • My background as a Designer, Creative Director, Strategy/Community Lead, Business Founder, Metaverse Content Creator and now Web3 Investor gives me the ability to wear a lot of hats and pick up at whatever stage of development your company might be in. I can act at a C-level, working with your executive team to set the direction of the company, or at the team level helping oversee resources and vendors to execute. I am also happy to roll up my sleeves and execute whenever my skill set allows or pull in one of my own trusted resources that I collaborate with on an ongoing basis.

Web2 vs Web3:
  • As an early web2 adopter, I helped brands like Coca-Cola and Samsung adopt a 2-way dialogue on social media. Web3 is taking this a step further, allowing audiences to directly take part in what brands are building as an owner, not just a consumer. There's a huge learning curve when venturing into web3. The best education in the space is participation. I've been an active community member and metaverse content creator for more than 15 years. I now hold more than 500 NFTs and am part of more than 70 communities. Seeing at scale what works and what doesn't gives me a unique perspective in the web3 space. Web2 isn't going away. Web3 is the next evolution and businesses will need to adapt as the space matures. I'm excited about the opportunities this presents us with as marketers, founders and builders.


Services Offered
Fractional CMO
Content Planning & Strategy
Paid Media Strategy & Execution
Media Buying & Planning
Marketing Campaign Creation
Lifecycle Marketing
Marketing & Brand Strategy
PPC Marketing
Platform Experience
Google Ads
Google Shopping