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Ben Grenaway

Paid Media Expert
Salt Lake City, Utah
Years of Experience:


I have scaled growth via over $80 million in ad spend across Google Ads, Meta, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and MNTN. This has consistently resulted in positive ROI for the paid social, ppc, and paid video campaigns, amplifying brands to touch millions of potential customers.

My belief in the synthesis of analytics and branding, combined with a passion for innovation, ensures that every campaign resonates with the right audiences.


Services Offered
Competitive Analysis
Conversion Rate Optimization
Data & Analytics
Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Display & Banner Ads
Google Ads & Analytics
Keyword Research
Lead Generation
Media Buying
Media Planning
PPC Marketing
Visual Ad Campaigns
Platform Experience
Adobe Commerce (Magento)
Facebook Ads
Facebook Media Buying
Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search
Google Shopping Ads
Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Microsoft (Bing) Ads
YouTube Ads