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Benjamin Wade Getz

Fractional E-Commerce + Growth Director
Charlotte, NC
Years of Experience:


“Ben Getz it done.”

I heard this all the time throughout my years of grade school. Little did I know I’d actually rise to the occasion and “get things done” for others.

I was let go from my corporate job back in 2018. I never really wanted to climb a ladder anyways. I like working closely with founders, small teams, and new companies - far more than working under a large masthead.

I tried feverishly to claw my way back to a salaried position at any muckety muck type of corporate entity. Nothing panned out and a job offer that I turned down resulted in my first contract gig. One turned into two, two to four, and before I knew it, I had a little business going.

As it turns out, I’m an action-minded person who enjoys becoming the de facto. So, I’ve established a business around helping others (read: small businesses) accomplish their goals, help grow to their first $1M in sales, create new communications channels, bring new products to market, and more.

Six years in, I’m now focusing all of my time and energy in Team Getz and helping others solve their problems at scale


Services Offered
E-Commerce SEO
Email Marketing & Campaigns
Email Sequence Planning & Copy
Email Workflow & Automation
Google Ads & Analytics
Marketing Automation
PPC Marketing
Paid Social Media
Platform Experience
Facebook Ads
Google Ads Search
Google Analytics
Yelp Ads