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Envision Brand Marketing

Executive Marketing Consultant
Royal Oak, Michigan
Years of Experience:
Over 15 years


Envision Brand Marketing is owned and operated by Davaughnu Banks, an award-winning Executive Marketing Consultant with over 15 years of leadership marketing experience who has directed and managed the development of brand marketing growth strategies for B2C/B2B companies from Fortune 500 to SMBs (start-ups and non-profits) through omnichannel executions.

His company, Envision Brand Marketing is a strategic marketing consulting practice that provides an executive-level 1-on-1 personalized approach based on an initial brand marketing assessment. A practice that will partner with your small or medium-sized business to help you optimize and/or develop your holistic brand marketing strategy through a highly effective 3-phased marketing model. Envision will ensure that you have a strong short and long-term growth strategy based on measurable data and goals (KPIs), while also building a consistent brand experience to attract and retain relationships with your key target audience(s).


Services Offered
Brand Development
Brand Identity & Experience
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Data Analysis & Optimization
Display & Banner Ads
Fractional CMO
Go-to-Market Strategy
Lifecycle Marketing
Marketing Campaign Creation
Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Platform Experience
Facebook Ads
Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search
Google Analytics
Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads