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David C Anderson

Growth Marketing-oriented Fractional CMO
New York City
Years of Experience:


Dave Anderson is a fractional CMO with 20 years’ leadership success in technology and digital media industries. Dave helps technology brands get traction and accelerate growth, via custom marketing strategy, B2B demand generation, and incisive measurement/projection. He has helped companies in SaaS, enterprise software and digital licensing spaces to achieve outcomes and exits including high profitability, acquisition, and IPO.

In addition to guiding early stage startups to choose productive marketing strategies and optimize marketing channel mixes for their unique competitive/market situation, Dave can also engage deeply in execution, writing and editing creative, and implementing campaigns across channels ranging from digital advertising (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIN, etc) to content marketing (webinars, podcasts, white papers, onsite SEO, blog &amp; social) and traditional media (PR, print). His guiding goal is measurable, predictable growth.


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