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David Esau

Digital Marketing Consultant
San Diego, California
Years of Experience:


David Esau is a holistic marketing strategist with over 10+ years of sales and marketing experience. An expert in Google Ads, David spent 2 years working at Google growing Local Services from $5M to $50M a year. Since then, he has designed and helped implement search marketing and lead generation strategies for enterprise companies such as Caesars, Intuit, ConsumersAdvocate, Rocket Mortgage, and many more.

David knows that a successful marketing strategy starts with getting to know your customers' needs and wants, a deep understanding of what potential customers need to solve their problems, and how to present your business as the ideal solution.


Services Offered
Marketing Campaign Creation
Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Media Planning
Keyword Research
Platform Experience
Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search
Facebook Media Buying
Facebook Business Manager
LinkedIn Ads