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Eric Henry

Brand Strategy Executive (ex. Apple, Spotify, Sony)
Philadelphia, PA
Years of Experience:


17+ years of marketing, creative, and branding experience across multiple industries, including Tech, Entertainment, Healthcare, Legal, and Restaurants/Hospitality. Not only have I worked at the biggest companies in the world (Apple, Spotify, Sony, etc), I have also worked with influencers and celebrities with some of the biggest global brands (Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, etc). With experience from every direction, I also have experience at the highest levels (CMO) and the lowest levels, to understand how to roll my sleeves up and get the job done, whatever it takes. Having so much experience from so many areas allows me the ability to bring new ideas and be creative where those in your industry may still be thinking inside the box.

From a marketing perspective, I can handle whatever you need: Subscription marketing with Acquisition/Retention/Winback, Lead generation, all advertising across the board (digital/physical/audio/etc), e-comm and merchandising, social media marketing, influencer marketing, CRM, data analytics and so much more.

From a branding perspective, I can help you create or iterate on a new company/product identity, inclusive of logos and all design, web and app development, physical packaging, and mission/vision statements.

From a creative/content perspective, I am here to guide you on your journey of creating video/audio/static assets, plan and execute photoshoots, and more, all to be used for your marketing initiatives to grow client bases and sell product.


Services Offered
Content Planning & Strategy
Marketing & Brand Strategy
Fractional CMO
Landing Page Creation & Design
Lead Generation
Lifecycle Marketing
PPC Marketing
Interface Design
Platform Experience
Adobe Creative Suite
Amazon Ads
Google Ads
YouTube Ads