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Grace Miller

Professional Writer
Nashville, TN


I'm a marketing leader with expertise in cultivating avid brand followers through content.

I create campaign and content strategy that prioritizes connection and engagement. I believe what the audience needs should be the heart of content creation — as well as the heart of any decent marketing strategy. But while content can be the foundation of a good marketing strategy, it cannot replace a solid holistic marketing strategy.

My favorite of the content marketing campaigns that I've orchestrated have found ways to engage readers above and beyond the average web experience. Interactive elements create online experiences that surprise and delight even those of us with the most screen time (guilty). I'm especially interested in finding ways to include gamification and specialized online products that entertain visitors on your site and keep them coming back regularly. After all, what's the point of marketing if no one is having any fun?

I rely on data insights to shape strategy that meets and exceeds company-wide goals and initiatives. I'm a fierce advocate of brand identity and voice, ensuring that every aspect of marketing aligns with the larger identity.


Services Offered
Long-form Content Writing
Landing Page Copy
Email Sequence Planning & Copy
Platform Experience
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