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Jill Parkinson

Paid Media Expert
Las Vegas, Nevada


I help brands lower acquisition costs by adding direct (publisher buys like newsletter, podcast, site sponsorship, content syndication) and programmatic (display, native, audio, connected TV) media to their marketing Decreased CPL by 24% QoQ via display, webinar, podcast, newsletter, native, and content syndication buys for a SaaS client.

Achieved a CPL that was half the cost of what they achieved on paid social and search.- Doubled inbound leads while keeping CPL costs flat in under three months via programmatic ads for an aviation client.- Brought in a lead via a newsletter buy that ended up being a $1M+ deal for a client in the nonprofit space. (I know marketing doesn't usually take credit for leads like this, but I feel like this one deserves merit!)- Decreased CPA 75% for an ecommerce client using display and native ads.


Services Offered
Media Buying
Marketing Campaign Creation
Display & Banner Ads
Organic Social Media
Mobile Interfaces
Platform Experience
Google Ads Search
Google Ads Display
Facebook Media Buying
Instagram Ads