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Josh Fountaine

Digital Consultant & Paid Advertising Extraordinaire
San Diego, CA


Hi, I’m Josh. I’m a digital marketer, full-time data nerd, and problem-solver.

My experience has allowed me the opportunity to produce work within healthcare, pharma, travel, education, fitness, and finance among many other industries. I’ve had the chance to craft digital advertising campaigns for some of the major players within each of those industries as well while reaching their marketing goals. I’m a big believer that good data, when interpreted correctly, can solve a myriad of marketing problems (which is a leading reason why I spend so much of my day in analytics properties and Google Tag Manager).


Services Offered
Lead Generation
PPC Advertising
Paid Media Audit & Strategy
Paid Social Media
Platform Experience
Facebook Ads
Facebook Business Manager
Facebook Media Buying
Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search
Google Shopping Ads
Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Microsoft (Bing) Ads
Twitter ('X') Ads
YouTube Ads