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Kirby Sibiski

SEO Writer, Editor, and Strategist
Philadelphia, PA
Years of Experience:


Looking for an SEO writer, editor, and strategist with a proven track record of ranking number one for high-value keywords on Google? Then let's work together!

I take pride in creating content that appeals to both search engines and readers. This means you'll not only show up in search results, but readers will also be engaged, leading to more conversions.

Better yet, I have the results to prove it:

-Increased organic Google clicks by 5,200% and impressions by 2,100% for a client in the nursing niche
-Wrote articles which received organic backlinks from high-authority sites like The New York Times, university websites, and Becker's Hospital Review
-Launched a blog from scratch which reached nearly 400 clicks and 6-15 leads per day within just a few months of launch

In addition to SEO writing, I'm an accomplished editorial writer. My work has appeared in several different publications, including The Philadelphia Inquirer, a newspaper with one of the largest circulations in the United States.

*Who Am I?*

In my free time, I enjoy writing songs and reading texts about philosophy and psychoanalysis.

I incorporate my creativity and knowledge from these passions in my work. This allows me to create content that:

-Is engaging (inspired by the connection between creativity and songwriting).
-Is easily understood (inspired by the connection between understanding and philosophy).
-Connects with the audience’s needs and wants (inspired by the connection between desire and psychoanalysis).

*What Sets Me Apart?*

Besides proven results and a solid understanding of search engine ranking signals, the thing that really sets me apart is my ability to think strategically and holistically.

While I've spent plenty of time honing my writing skills and SEO knowledge, I also understand every piece of content plays a role in a broader strategy.

To write great copy, a writer needs to be aware of how one piece of content relates to the rest of the content. After all, this is incredibly important to creating a solid internal linking strategy, which is critical to communicating the structure of the information on your site.

I’m also passionate about content writing. I think it’s the best form of marketing, because it provides real value to customers while also benefiting the business.

Ultimately, I really enjoy creating great content that explains complex topics in an easily-digestible way.

So, are you ready to see your website start climbing Google's rankings? Then send me a message, and let’s get your pages ranking higher ASAP!


Services Offered
Blogs & Articles
Content Creation
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Content Planning & Strategy
Long-form Content Writing
Technical SEO
Platform Experience