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Kristina Horan

CEO | Web Designer + Brand Designer
New York, New York


Specializes in WIX Studio and Webflow

KHWD is a multidisciplinary design studio based in NYC specializing in brand identity design, web design, and pitch deck design. As a Certified WIX Studio Website Design Partner (at the highest level) we craft digital footprints for brands, businesses, startups, and individuals. In our work, we strive to balance market research, intuition, creativity, and technology to build impactful and life-long brands, websites, and pitch decks. We are proud to share, our agency was hand-selected by WIX Studio to be featured on their 2024 Inspiration Page

CEO of KHWD, Kristina is your creative partner, brand visionary, and liaison here to help you build your dream brand and website by marrying technical acumen with creativity.

Our 8+ years of design experience have taught us not to be afraid to be daring and lean into the avant-garde approach to design - and we love clients who have that same lust for innovative design. We are based in Manhattan but work globally.

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Services Offered
Brand Identity & Experience
Front-End Design & Development
Landing Page Creation & Design
UI/UX Design
Platform Experience
Adobe Creative Suite