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Kyle Karnes

Visual Designer & Front-End Developer | Webflow Expert
New York, NY


With a background in web design, branding, strategy, and front end development, I'm accustomed to working with both sides of my brain. It positions me to solve the problem that businesses typically face with website projects: Tying it all together.

I'm a creative problem solver with an entrepreneurial spirit having worn every hat from executor, to strategist, to manager. Since founding Nine Yards Studio, I often serve a hybrid of all three functions, shaping me into a relatable, versatile creative partner equipped to communicate with organizations from top to bottom, whether that be working directly with a business owner, pitching an idea to a marketing director, or managing and executing on the day-to-day of ongoing projects.

Coupling my creativity with my technical expertise I help companies utilize technology to solve business problems in a way that yields efficiency while also creating a seamless user experience that builds brand value.


Services Offered
App Design
Content Management Systems (CMS)
Email Marketing & Campaigns
Email Workflow & Automation
Event Campaigns
Front-End Design & Development
Third Party Integrations
UI/UX Design
Website Automation
Platform Experience
Adobe Creative Suite