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Lisa Benson

Digital Marketing Strategist and Creative Visionary
Austin, TX


As a seasoned digital marketing strategist and creative visionary, I bring a diverse array of skills to the table, honed through a unique professional journey. My background has equipped me with an extensive skill set that I leverage to empower entrepreneurs in their digital marketing endeavors.

Key Skills and Expertise:

Strategic Digital Marketing: Expertise in crafting comprehensive digital marketing strategies, incorporating SEO, social media marketing, and targeted advertising campaigns. My approach is data-driven and results-focused, ensuring alignment with business goals and measurable success.

Brand Development and Storytelling: Skilled in creating compelling brand narratives, I excel in developing cohesive brand identities that resonate with a company's values and mission. This includes a keen eye for aesthetics and an innate talent for storytelling.

Content Creation and Management: Proficient in developing engaging content strategies across various formats – from blog posts and social media content to video production – all tailored to enhance online presence and audience engagement.

Leadership and Mentorship: As a natural leader, I offer guidance and inspiration, providing practical advice and support to entrepreneurs, drawing on my own experiences and insights.

Analytical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Utilizing analytical skills to decipher market trends, customer behaviors, and campaign performance, enabling the identification of growth opportunities and creative problem-solving.

Client Relations and Communication: Strong communication skills underpin my ability to understand client needs and maintain lasting relationships. I am adept at articulating marketing concepts and providing valuable feedback.

Adaptability and Resilience: My adaptability, honed through diverse experiences, is key in the dynamic field of digital marketing, allowing me to navigate changes and overcome challenges effectively.

In my role, I combine these skills to assist businesses in navigating the digital marketing landscape with confidence and creativity. My objective is to ensure that each marketing strategy not only resonates with our clients' visions but also drives them towards tangible success in their entrepreneurial journeys


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