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Mandy Miranda

Digital Producer & Creator COO
Los Angeles
Years of Experience:


I've spent the last decade building personal brands and thought leaders you've heard of for zero to one, and then one to ten. My focus is on telling unearthed stories and strategizing the creation and production of "franchise-able IP" that generates world-shifting change by elevating the most interesting experts, educators, and creators on the planet.

I've been a supervising producer of short documentaries, one in partnership with Netflix and highlighting the success of community-led forest conservation in Kenya.

I built Mel Robbins' brand from zero followers to over 1,000,000 across every social platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and owned media) through the development and production of daily video and audio content while leading a team of videographers, scriptwriters, course designers, editors, and digital marketers.

Through daily production of relevant and resonant content, I've secured multi-year deals with Audible & Sony Pictures Television, which led to the production of three best-selling audiobooks and a nationally syndicated talk show.

I've directed teams producing a variety of consumer-based products and media such as an international best-selling book, the most-sold audiobook of all time on Amazon in 2017, and led the partnership with Audible to create three of their highest-selling "Originals" products to date, including the most sold audio business book of the year in 2019, "Work It Out."

Prior to leading production and digital marketing for thought leaders and brands, I was a radio producer with Cox Media Group in Orlando, FL, launching the ESPN affiliate station and producing a syndicated talk radio show, which won a Gracie Award.

I'm interested in the interesting and have been fortunate to translate creativity and a desire for endless learning into a career in media production with a focus on creating high-value user and audience experiences.


Services Offered
Brand Identity & Experience
Brand Storytelling
Community Management
Content Creation
Content Planning & Strategy
Long-form Content Writing
Marketing Campaign Creation
Organic Social Media
Paid Social Media
Script Writing
Short-form Content Writing
Video Production
Platform Experience
Adobe Creative Suite
Facebook Ads
Facebook Business Manager
Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Sprout Social