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Mike Mazar

Designer, Creative Director
Westchester, New York
Years of Experience:


Mike is a believer in the value of communication through design. For over 25 years, he’s been a part of agencies big and small, delivering the right solutions to clients of all shapes and sizes in branding, identity, marketing and advertising.

Co-founder of an interactive agency in 2000 (RedStapler) which merged to form a mid-size marketing agency (Tenthwave) which was then acquired by another agency (Wirestone) which was ultimately acquired by Accenture Song, he has a track record of reliability and trust with clients. Mike approaches every opportunity with a creative flair, underpinned by his exceptional character and motivation. Some of his recent work at past and present agencies include:

• Redesigning the website experience for Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods (Website Design)
• Re-branding of an oral rinse for gum care (Logo, Branding & Identity, Packaging, Website Design)
• Brand awareness campaigns for Irish airline Aer Lingus (Campaigns, Display Advertising, Social)
• Jamaica Tourist Board’s latest global advertising campaign (Display Advertising, Social, Print, Custom Font)
• U.S. Government recruitment marketing efforts for the TSA/DEA/CBP/BOP (Website Design, Display Advertising, Social)

Getting back to his roots, Mike is bringing all of his hands-on Digital Advertising Agency experiences to brands and agencies as a solo operation as Mazar Design Group. A nimbler design studio can better service the creative needs of brands and agencies with the same level of professionalism and talent.


Services Offered
Brand Identity & Experience
Direct Response Marketing
Display & Banner Ads
Email Marketing & Campaigns
Front-End Design & Development
Infographics & Data Visualization
Landing Page Creation & Design
Logo Design & Creation
Packaging Design
Paid Social Media
UI/UX Design
Visual Ad Campaigns
Platform Experience
Adobe Creative Suite
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads