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Molly Delmore

Content Creator, Writer
San Diego, CA
Years of Experience:


With seven years of work experience in the media and marketing industry, I am a passionate content creator and writer with a knack for creating engaging and compelling content for various platforms and audiences. I have a strong background in social media, video production, and SEO optimization, and I enjoy collaborating with diverse teams and clients to deliver high-quality results. Currently, I am a freelance writer for publications in the food, hospitality, lifestyle, and wellness spaces, such as San Diego Magazine, Mashed, and Tasting Table.

Additionally, I create social media content for brands and influencers to be used for organic content and advertisements. This includes coming up with creative concepts, filming and editing reels, TikToks, and Pinterest Pins optimized for each platform. See more here:

Previously, I worked as a social media content coordinator at Brandetize, a digital marketing agency. I created and executed social media strategies for Brian Tracy, a renowned author and speaker, and his 3.1 million followers across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. In both roles, I used my social media, writing, and analytical skills to increase brand awareness, engagement, and retention.


Services Offered
Blogs & Articles
Content Creation
Content Planning & Strategy
Long-form Content Writing
Script Writing
Short-form Content Writing
Short-form Video
Video Editing
Platform Experience
Meta Business Suite
Sprout Social