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Pete Sahaidachny

Strategic Marketing for High Impact Results
Bend, Oregon
Years of Experience:


With over 10 years of experience in paid media, marketing, and advertising, I am a strategic leader who drives impactful results for clients across various industries. As the Associate Director of Strategy at Media.Monks, I managed a media team to launch B2B and B2C high-investment campaign initiatives for Google, YouTube, and other global brands, leveraging data, insights, and creativity to optimize visibility and engagement.

I have a proven record of championing multi-million-dollar campaigns that align with client goals and deliver unparalleled value. I have successfully audited, planned, and executed multi-channel media strategies across social media, connected TV, and online platforms, saving costs, increasing acquisition rates, and enhancing customer loyalty. I have also partnered with internal and external stakeholders to showcase innovative products and services, such as the first Amazon Alexa integrated smartwatch. I am passionate about using analytics, KPIs, and other data tools to uncover customer needs, market trends, and competitive insights, and I am certified in the Data Science of Marketing by LinkedIn. I am an influential communicator who can lead and train teams to reach new performance levels and exceed expectations.


Services Offered
Data & Analytics
Fractional CMO
Google Ads & Analytics
Lead Generation
Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Media Buying
Media Planning
PPC Marketing
Paid Media Audit & Strategy
Paid Social Media
Performance Marketing
Platform Experience
Facebook Ads
Facebook Business Manager
Facebook Media Buying
Google Ads Display
Google Ads Search
Google Analytics
Google Shopping Ads
Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Microsoft (Bing) Ads
YouTube Ads