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Rosita Johns

Bold Ideas, Inspiring Designs
Work location remotely from Phoenix, Arizona, as well as travel up to 50% of the time if necessary.
Years of Experience:


Hi there! I'm Rosita, a web designer, life coach, and CEO passionate about helping individuals achieve their highest potential. I have a diverse background as a web design artist, mental health and addiction therapist, CEO, national marketing and business development, public speaker, and higher education educator. I hold degrees in counseling psychology, marketing, and business. I am fluent in English and conversational Spanish. I love to learn new things and sharing my insights with others. I'm excited to work with you and help you achieve your dreams. Remember, you have amazing abilities! Thank you for trusting me to be your biggest fan! Sample work by Following me on FB/IG/In/ @rositajohns22 and at and


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