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Shannen Olan

Organic Social Media and Influencer Marketing Expert
Boca Raton, Florida
Years of Experience:


Shannen is an Organic Social Media and Influencer Marketing Expert with over 9+ years of experience working with direct to consumer e-commerce brands. Most recently as the Director of Community at Win Brands Group, she led organic social media and influencer marketing for their portfolio of direct to consumer brands - including Homesick Candles, QALO, Gravity Blankets, Love Your Melon and MiHIGH.

Prior to Win Brands Group, Shannen was one of the first employees at Dormify - a direct to consumer brand targeting college students and post-graduates outfitting their living spaces. As their Director of Social she oversaw the strategic planning of their brand content calendar for organic social channels, PR, and influencer campaigns. During her tenure at Dormify, she took their organic social media presence from 15K to 215K on Instagram.

Shannen is passionate about honing in on what makes a brand unique and using that to attract your ideal target demographic and convert them into life-long customers.


Services Offered
Community Management
Content Creation
Content Planning & Strategy
Influencer Marketing & Management
Organic Social Media
Account Management
Platform Experience
Sprout Social