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Sonia Velasco

Senior Email Marketing Copywriter and Strategist
Austin, TX


Hey there! I'm Sonia, your go-to email marketing strategist and copywriter. With over a decade of marketing experience, I've had the pleasure of helping brands grow and thrive through meticulously crafted email and paid acquisition programs.

Imagine having a communications plan so effective that it not only reels in new faces but keeps the regulars coming back for more. I specialize in creating engaging, revenue-boosting strategies that cover all the bases, from snagging new acquisitions to keeping your loyal customers waiting for the next email to hit their inbox.

Choosing me? Well, it's like picking the ripest, juiciest fruit from the tree. You're getting a blend of experience, passion, and a track record of success that's hard to beat.

Let's discuss your project in more detail and put together a solid email program.


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