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Stephanie Danforth

E-Commerce Expert
London, England
$150 Per Hour


Luxury branding and web design for purpose driven e-commerce businesses. Let us help take your business to the next level, increase your conversions, and grow your business through strategic design and e-commerce consulting! ‍ I believe passion, quality, ethics, and values are fundamental to long term business success and to happiness and satisfaction as a business owner or entrepreneur. Business is not just about growing your profit or making billions of dollars - at the core it's about a value exchange. And I believe that businesses that put this first truly win. By focusing on the value they provide to customers, by creating truly high quality products, by having ethical practices and powerful missions, you will truly set yourself and your business up for success. ‍ My mission is to help small business owners like you grow their businesses through strategic branding and web design. I've seen strategic branding and web design serve countless clients and I believe that good design is fundamental for long-term success.


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